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“Do you want to discover Quebec ? Treat yourself to a stay upstairs at the famous Restaurant Baker . This old country house offers unique rooms carefully decorated with antique furniture. "


When Ferdinand Lefrançois and his wife Mary Ann (Anney) Brady moved to their newly built home in 1840, they experienced an era of full economic growth. The times were in splendor.

The finish and ornamentation show us that the owner spared no effort to have a comfortable and state-of-the-art home. At that time, the second floor was used as an attic and people lived there only in summer. Almost a hundred years later, in 1935, Alvin A. Baker opened " The Baker's Inn " in the house he first rented from the owner and eventually bought in 1958.

After the death of Alvin Baker in the early 1960s, his second wife, Lucienne Hamel, continued to operate "The Baker's Inn". Time passed and the years led Henri Simard to buy the "Baker" in 1972. He sold it in the spring of 1975 to Gaston Cloutier, one of his nephews who lived upstairs until 1989, when the inn took its name back. at Baker's since 5 rooms were opened to the public.

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